Laura Botsford ~Author               of  United Imaginations

   "I have ridden on the beams of children's smiles and caught glimpses of the Aftertime and that is where all my writing comes from"   

    ~  Laura  Botsford

   Laura has been writing since she was 13 years old. Her travels led her with songs and the discovery of characters living and imagined. Though her genre is mainly Children's Literature she also writes for Adults. She is an Artist in Residency with the Arkansas Arts Council writing books and plays with children and creating mixed media art, championing the inner child, and the spirit of United Imaginations. 


Journey of Fairy Tales

   “Journey of Fairytales is an enchanting book of Phantasmagorical childhood adventures that touch on themes of love, hope, and enlightenment. Author Laura Botsford runs wild in this free-wheeling book that will be a delight to share with children of all ages."

         ~ Anatole Burkin, Retired Editor for Taunton Press

   “Can you Make and Believe? Imagine, being true to yourself and treat each other with respect and  consideration; for all dreams come true with the best  of intentions.” This is one of the enchanting and enlightening quotes from a delightful new children's book by Author, Laura Botsford, Journey of Fairy Tales. This new children’s adventure book leads children through imaginative experiences on their way to enlightenment.

         ~Robin Arquette, Creator of Songs from Dreamland with Lois Duncan


 Laura Botsford

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   Laura is a multi-disciplinary Artist in Residency with the Arkansas Arts Council. She resides in Portland, Arkansas with her husband and cat writing books and plays with and for children for 27 years. 

Laura Botsford AIE website

Laura Botsford  Arkansas Arts Council

   Her creative United Imaginations Workshops provides children with individual self-expression that encourages imaginative teamwork. 

 Laura's joyful and mellifluous approach to teaching theater craft, book publishing workshops are infused with a sincere commitment to well being and moral imagination.

   Laura is available for speaking engagements in creative workshops for teachers, PTO's and administrators in the Art of Writing with and for children and curriculum enhancement.


   "This is a fantastic concept, having children create their own books within a structured program that, nevertheless, permits them to utilize every aspect of their imagination and then experiences the great satisfaction of seeing their creations materialize to be shared by others."   Lois Duncan,  Author 


Education: McPhail School of Performing Arts, Minneapolis, MN

* El Camino Junior College in California major in Early Childhood Education and Development

*  Arts Council Artist in Residency Workshops Inspiring Curriculum Enrichment.

  *  Arts Council workshop, Teaching Autistic, Behavioral and Physically Challenged, and Hearing Challenged students.

 *  Graduate of the Governors Leadership School.

 *  President and Founder of a 501-c3 non-profit community arts organization  Neverlands Inc. from 1992 to the current year.

 Work: The Summer Childhood Arts program at the Minneapolis Children's Theater.

*  Writing With and For Children Books and Plays for 28 years

*   Summer Art Programs Vera Lloyd Family Services, Guachoya, and Austin White Center in Eudora, Arkansas.

Artist in Residency 

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