Illustrations from Journey of Fairy Tales

   These are free to share and have as a keepsake for the premiere of the book. High-resolution prints of these illustrations from the book as well as greeting cards and products are available at the buy link.

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Journey of Fairy Tales Cover Art


Make and Believe Picture.jpg

    "The journey was challenging, not even the brightest bird could follow across the stormy seas yet in Isla's heart was a brave, and bold resolve to make it across the turbulent waters however tumultuous the ride may become was no matter. Isla was determined for she knew this was a treasure far more important than she, but for all the children and evolution of all humankind."  ~Journey of Fairy Tales

Cover of Journey of Fairy Tales Poster

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Make and Believe Darkness into Light

Make and Believe Full Print2_small.jpg

Kingston in Space

kingston in space.jpg

Journey of Fairy Tales Characters

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