Signed and dated 8.50 x 5.50 Hardback book of Journey of Fairy Tales with a free handmade bookmark with a tassel. Personal inscription to you or a loved one who cherishes freedom of imagination.




Journey of Fairy Tales

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  •    Journey of Fairy Tales is a Disneyesque - Never Ending Story adventure that sparks the beginning of storytelling on Earth. In the uplifting tale of the Tipleah Tree; the Tree of Leaves holds all the stories ever to be written until one unimaginative day they are stolen by the Angerdahs who are the negative Harmies of Namerus and locked behind a swirling wall of dismal thought-forms.

      Kingston and Isla lost their parents in the invasion of the Angerdahs and set off on a journey to rescue them and the Leaves ever to be written in storybooks. They embark on a challenging adventure to the Linkalee Alignment where only through being in tune with their natural laws of attraction, magical gadgets, and a willingness to work together can they rescue the Leaves and bring their parents' home. Where there is light there can be no darkness.

    Genre: Young Adult and eternally young at heart

    Hardback 5.50 x 8.50 black and white

    120 pages

    Comes with a bookmark and colorful tassel. 

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