When the town's snow melts before its time Bedelia, and her friends all gather together in a prayer song of united imaginations. Through the power of their whispering hearts in song miraculously change the weather.

You’re the notes in this song
Hold hands together
In this new season
We'll Learn to be all we are

Imagine our world as one global community that is following spiritual laws and is truly united as one in a common bond of love and a vision for a sustainable planet; a shift so strong that it can change a story from what is to what could be.
It is possible and it begins with each of us cherishing the world and each other with respect and compassion in the light and power of songs full of gratitude prayers, and the sound of the creator within us.

I wish you, Light, Love, and Peace on earth to all ~Laura Botsford

Sugar Snow

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    • Additional Categories Religion & Spirituality, Fairy Tales
    • Project Option: 5×8 in, 13×20 cm
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    • Publish Date: Dec 09, 2021
    • Language English
    • Illustrated: in color