Uni is a lonely Giraffe and thinks its because he is different from all the other animals around him. He tries to fit in by being like them. But on one very special evening, he became very still. He bowed his head and listened closely to the voice within him, and it filled him with such great happiness that he felt the very lightness of just being alive. Only when we are our true selves, love who we are, and believe in the greatest love that is within us all can we be free and happy.


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Unicorn Giraffe

SKU: 0004
    • Primary Category: Children
    • Additional Categories Self-Improvement, Fairy Tales
    • Project Option:  Standard Landscape, 10×8 in, 25×20 cm Full Color, Hardback image wrap, # of Pages: 36
    • Publish Date: Apr 17, 2020
    • Language English
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